9 Ways To De-stress

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Sometimes life’s stresses can get the better of you and your problems seem to take over, well here are a few ways I de-stress when I feel like I’m fighting against the world. 

Everyone has those minutes, days, weeks where they feel as if nothing is going right or as if there is so little time and so much to do. I sure do! and way too often if you ask me. But I have 9 different things I know will fix my state of mind and help me to offload immediately and I’m going to share these with you in the hope that it can do the same.

1. Retail Therapy

This method is not for everyone as some people literally hate the hustle and bustle of shopping but I simply love it! whether it’s shopping for a new staple item for my wardrobe, a cute outfit for my munchkins or even just good old window shopping, I can’t get enough of it. Especially when I’m stressed! strange isn’t it? There is just something about looking at opulent things that make me happy, it allows my mind to wander away from the mundane responsibilities of life and imagine myself in a new social setting wearing the latest metallic pleated skirt and something pink ( Doesn’t sound like it matches but hey, that’s why it’s my imagination.)

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So how do I execute this method of de-stressing? Well, I suggest you allow a minimum of 1-3 hours for scanning and spending, then add in a light lunch and definitely some Starbucks to seal the deal. End the day being driven home or taking public transport while evaluating your purchases/ wishlist.


 2. Sleep

Sleep, I definitely don’t get enough of it and this is probably what leads to some of my stress especially as a stay at home mum. Dealing with trying kids on no sleep is not easy as NO SLEEP = NO PATIENCE, not a good recipe.

However, I do find that a good night’s sleep can really help my stress levels, and if I’m not able to obtain a whole night even just an hour or two can make a massive difference. You will wake up feeling perkier, happier and with a clear mind and this means you may even be able to solve your problem with a clearer mind.

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Find a quiet space, your bed, the sofa, a meeting room at work, the airing cupboard if you’re hiding from your kids (just kidding) and find a comfy position usually best with a pillow and catch those Z’s. Top Tip: Carry some baby wipes to clean the dribble from your face when returning to your desk. your boss will never let you have that ‘important call’ again if they know you were sleeping.


3. Fresh Air

Sometimes when you feel overwhelmed or anxious it can be hard to breathe, so a little fresh air is a good antidote for this. Oftentimes when I’m feeling emotional or like I’m trapped in a situation with no real solution I have to get out of the house and go for a walk. There is something about the open air and open surroundings that helps me to open my mind and help it to feel less clouded. According to research getting out for a walk and inhaling scents of flowers and nature can help increase hormone serotonin which in turn helps us to feel happier and more relaxed.


Pull on some comfy warm clothes (if its winter) and some wellies and step outside for a walk. Do not take your phone or any musical device, leave everything, just bring your keys! (don’t want to be locked out) this will allow you to really think and not have any stressful distractions or interruptions.

Take some deep breaths. Inhale through your nose for 5 seconds and exhale through your mouth for 10 seconds, really pushing out all the air with your abdominal muscles. repeat 5 times and you should feel a lot of difference.

I usually like to walk at night as it feels quieter, there are fewer people and cars and the light can feel like noise at times, plus I just love the lights at night I find it therapeutic. Also, try and go for a walk in the park and be around nature or use your garden. However, if you really cannot get out I find even sticking my head out of the window makes a lot of difference.

4. Exercise

Exercise I feel is one of the best ways to de-stress, especially if you are angry or frustrated as you can let out all of that negative energy and frustration through physical activity.

I am not a massive gym fan and if stressed wouldn’t go to a boxed boring room with fitness equipment called a gym, I’d much rather go to a dance class or for an outdoor circuit as I find it much more enjoyable and stimulating but do what works best for you.


Throw on some comfy gym wear and grab a bottle of water to take with you. Join your class and push yourself 110% and feel the stress literally run off your back like sweat!


5. Sharing the problem

Ever heard of the saying a problem shared is a problem halved? well, I literally live by this. In my times of struggle, I confide in my nearest and dearest friends or family members. Not always for advice but sometimes just as an outlet, as a way to release emotions and sometimes to be able to think clearly. The support of a loved one is always good in times of stress as these people know you best and are also likely to tell you the blunt and honest truth about situations and will also tell you to snap out of it when you are being silly or you are just plain wrong.


In that moment when you are feeling like you are just going to explode, pick up your phone find a private space and call your bestie or other half and when they answer rant down the phone till you feel somewhat better, listen and consider the advice given and then thank them politely for their time.

Alternatively meet your loved one somewhere comfortable and have a nice hot drink and a chinwag.

Top Tip: Don’t forget to ask them how they are afterwards, its just common courtesy. You don’t want them to think you only called them to vent, do you? (even though you did!)


6. Writing/ Drawing 

Writing or journaling is such a great way to relieve stress as its almost like telling someone exactly how you feel without having to feel judged or ashamed. I have often written in a diary/ journal just to offload and felt so much better afterwards. alternatively, I have often drawn how I feel some drawings more elegant than others and this has been quite therapeutic. I really would recommend this to anyone one feeling the pressure especially if you are unable to reach out to others.


Grab a pen and paper or a special diary or journal dedicated to your thoughts and get drawing, writing, scribbling or whatever you want to call it. make sure you literally be as frank as you can, remember this is only for your eyes so you don’t have to hide from your emotions or bad thoughts as it’s not going to hurt anyone. just make sure you really don’t let anyone see it. From a young age I personally used to write prayers or letters to God and this would help me to express myself.

7. Date Night

Nothing like some time with the one you love to help you to de-stress. I always love having a date night with hubby when things as a stay at home mum are getting me down as it really allows me to let go of all the mummy stress, I’m not thinking about washing clothes or washing up or running after my healthily energetic bubbas I can just focus on the fact that I’m a wife to a lovely man who loves and adores me. Date night doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy and you don’t even have to leave the house (although it is better to do so) allocating that time to one another can help you to reconnect and feel like a woman again and feel how it was between you both before the little blessings squeezed themselves in the middle.


Get yourself all spruced up, wear that dress he loves the look of your bum in and those heels that are not too high but good enough to make you feel sexy. get a sitter and go to a nice restaurant (not too expensive unless it’s a special occasion) whilst you’re there put your phones out of sight and have a good convo, flirt a bit and have a good laugh. My husband and I usually look around and try and guess other couples stories, this always has us in stitches. Then when you get home as long as those little angels are well into dreamland make sure you seal the deal with some lovemaking. (nothing like a good itch being scratched to make you forget about your problems)




8. Me Time

Me time is something I implement every week it’s my ‘Me Time Monday’ this is actually the time I’m using to write this post and I think its the only way I am able to stay sane.

Having an evening or a day or a weekend if you are lucky is so great to alleviate stress, it’s a time when you can focus on you and enjoy however you choose to spend it. Whether it’s watching a movie, taking a nice candlelit bath, painting your nails, going out with friends or even reading, me time is important and will help you to recharge and be fully armed and ready for what the next day has to throw at you.


It’s just as it says on the tin. Give yourself some space and time. Simple


9. Prayer and Bible Study

This method may be last but is by no means the least effective.

Prayer and Bible study is a real healer and reliever of stress. taking your problems to the God is not only relieving but he also hears and understands us. Ask him for strength and guidance and he will give you just that … says yet while you call I have answered so this means even before we have spoken that prayer or asked for that strength God has already heard you and given you strength and comfort.

Some people may say that studying the bible is of no used as it is not relevant to today but if you take the time to read it you will see there are the same things happening today displayed in the bible and the words of encouragement can heal all wounds.


Take yourself away to a quiet space where you can think and concentrate and pour out your heart toGod, he is listening to you and will hear your cry. then take some time to read the bible. if you don’t know where to start some bibles have a contents page with topics and verses written down so you can easily find what you are looking for. Others also have a list of the promises from God and that is always a good place to start. Finish of with telling God what you need him to do in your life and how he can help you and as you close in prayer be proactive and start to tackle your situation head-on.


So you’ve heard from me on how I de-stress how do you let off some steam? Please feel free to comment below.

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