Encouragement For Stay At Home Mothers

If you are feeling like life's struggles as a mother are taking over then this is for you.


So we all have those days when we feel unappreciated, tired and as if we simply just want to give up! well don’t there’s something worth holding on for. 

It was Saturday morning and  I’d had one of those horrible weeks where nothing had gone right so I’m going to share what’s kept me looking forward to another day.

Find hope and encouragement in the fact that as a mother even though your children may not show it all the time, they love you unconditionally and you are perfect in their eyes.

It’s most definitely these two little faces below, they look like little angels I know, but after being woken up four times in the night to breastfeed and twice to hold your toddlers hand they soon begin to look very different through tired eyes.

As a stay at home mother living with my two kids, a husband (all in one room), my pre-teen brother and my mother things in our household can get pretty hectic. The hallway is a colossal mess with shoes, coats and scattered brick- a- brack, the living room is home to everyone’s belongings and the kitchen is filled with food and a sink of dirty dishes, and so my work begins.

robaxin mg dosage My Day

6:00 am – wake and breastfeed 7-month-old son

6:15 am- Shower time

6:45 am- Hoover, Mop, tidy living room, kitchen, hallway, make kids breakfast and have my morning beetroot juice.

7:10 am- Eat Breakfast with the kiddies

8:00 am- General grooming for kids

9:00 am- Pack baby bag for the day

10:00 am- Off out for the day

On this particular day, I went for a 20-minute walk to the library for our usual ‘Bounce and Rhyme’ session and all was well until we got home.

My meltdown moment happened shortly after a large celebration over a poo in the potty (not mine of course), I grabbed the potty in one hand had my son in the opposite arm, then balancing in the same hand I had my unfinished morning beetroot juice, now climbing the stairs behind my daughter holding her KoKo yoghurt (look it up its yummy) she turns around and decides to throw it at me, missing the poo in the potty but hitting the cup in my hand splattering the beetroot juice all over our new cream carpet!!! I screamed! and then took a deep breath and started mission clean up.

This is enough to tip any sane woman over the edge, but this was now day five of button pressing mishaps and I had really had enough. I went to bed that evening feeling like I’d made no triumphs that week and like my testing two year old hated me but an amazing thing happened early the next morning.

I was awoken at 5:00 am in the morning by my husband’s alarm (not impressed) and could not go back to sleep, so I reached for my phone and wanted to draw some inspiration for my youtube channel and I was lead to the Bible app. I landed in Proverbs 31 and after reading and praying I felt such a weight lifted off my shoulders, so much so that I had to share what I’d read and how it made me feel.

so I jumped into WhatsApp and shared in a group of close friends who are also mothers. Here’s how it read.


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I just want to say that this week I have been feeling really discouraged and the devil has been working hard to keep me feeling negatively but this morning God woke me up at 5am and lead me to do devotion (which I haven’t done by myself in a while) and from that devotion I feel renewed and encouraged and not as if my responsibilities have changed or lightened but as if these responsibilities as a wife and mother are a privilege the very text that encouraged me the most was “Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.”

Proverbs 31:31 NIV*

I was saying to my sister in law sometimes it’s hard to see the short-term goals we reach and the milestones we exceed as a mother and a wife as one day rolls into the other but this encourages us to know that God has given us a great and beautiful responsibility in our home to raise and mould a family in Christ’s image and that is no small gift and that all in all our children husbands and God see the work we do and appreciate it and even the small jobs we do make a difference.

Love you all and thanks for always having my back. God has really answered prayers by giving me you ladies as my sisters and support. Xx

Shortly after this, I woke up my husband and we filmed my first youtube video! so please check it out.

I hope this has uplifted you as much as it uplifted me, please comment below with things or quotes that have encouraged you on hard days, I could use a few more for a rainy day.


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